Expert Body Waxing

We are proud to offer the full range of professional body waxing for both male and female clients. Our personalized services include a selection of quality waxes specifically made for certain wax procedures, to reduce discomfort and any doubts you have about waxing. For instance, we only use a stripless wax on the more delicate areas of the body.

Along with our clients, cleanliness is a top priority. At Smoothe, we don’t just look clean, we actually are clean. We go to great lengths to ensure a highly sanitary environment where wax sticks are never double dipped (gasp!).

From our range of customized services to our warm, welcoming environment there is truly no other wax experience like Smoothe. But don’t take our word for it, see what our clients are saying.

All waxing services are performed by Nicole, a registered NYS Licensed Esthetician and a Brazilian Wax specialist.

Waxing Services Price Menu

Women’s Wax Service
Brazilian Bikini $53
Full Bikini $35
Bikini Line $25
Stomach Strip $10
Full Stomach $25
Buttocks Cheeks $25
Buttocks Strip $10
Eyebrows-Shaping & Waxing $15
Face-$40 (brows additional)
Cheeks/Face $10
Lip $8
Lower Lip $5
Nostrils $10
Sideburns $10
Chin $8
Arms $35
Upper or Lower Arm $25
Under Arms $15
Legs $70
Lower Legs $35
Upper Legs $42
Back Full $50
Lower Back $25

Men’s Wax Service
Ears $12
Nostrils $10
Eyebrows-Groomed & Wax $15
Full Back $60
Full Back w/Shoulders $75
Nape of Neck $15
Back (upper or lower) $30
Buttocks Cheeks $25
Chest $30
Chest & Stomach $55
Stomach $30
Under Arms $20
Full Arms $45
Upper or Lower Arm $35
Full Legs $75
Upper Legs $50
Hand Waxing $15
Foot Waxing $15